Stone mosaic production process

1. After the initial and simple cutting process, the stone materials excavated from earth still give off the fragrance of fresh earth with the touches of open and rough fields. Whereas the edges and corners of the stone may still suffer somewhat during the course of excavation, handling and rough processing.

2. For moving heavy marble blocks, Hercules-like gantry crane has to be used to transfer the stone material to large-scale cutting machine, one block, two blocks ... "Hercules" is carrying the stones in a methodical manner...
3. Both the machine operators and large-scale cutting machines have already been on standby for operation. Thanks to the tacit cooperation between the professional operators and large-scale cutting machines, rough marbles are marvelously turned into ready-for-use mosaic stone material with sharp edges and flat square shape!

4. The first cutting process is to remove the roughness off the marble, whose dimensions are obviously insistent to the requirements of finished mosaic. Therefore the marble has to undergo a cutting process through the more “careful” mosaic cutting machine. Pieces of mosaic stones of the same required sizes will be produced and it is very difficult to tell which is which once they are put together. What a lively scene!
5. It is time for these piles of stone pieces to “assemble into a family”. Professional and skilled paving workers will pave the stone by following the aesthetic principles. This paving process not only challenges the fineness of paving technology, but also tests the aesthetic standards of the workers. The stone materials, derived from nature and paved manually, endows Mosaic stone a special kind of beauty, which is really like “return to the original nature”.

6. After the professional and careful sorting and paving by workers, stone pieces of the same sizes have all found their own “brothers and sisters” and formed into a collective family, and eventually the square-shaped, classic and elegant mosaic stones come into the world.